Setting-out drawings & 3D modeling for Joinery, Shopfitting, Exhibition, Construction and Marine industry.

Site surveys for Retail / Commercial & Domestic markets, UK and Europe. Shopfronts, reception desks, bar counters, display cases, exhibition stands, stainless steel fittings, bespoke furniture and general joinery components.

2D drawings from A4 to A0 or custom length as required. Scaled and full size sectional details. Drawings saved to most common file formats such as, dwg, dxf, pdf and e-drawings.

3D models saved to iges, step, parasolid and many others, for easy collaboration between systems.


Using industry standard software to create 3D models and concept illustrations to capture the imagination and bring to life new ideas, without the need for expensive prototyping.
Photorealistic visuals for client manuals and sales brochures.
Project supervision and guidance, with regular visits to clients and contractors.

Advantages of CAD outsourcing:
No additional Hardware / Software to purchase, or maintenance and subscription renewals. Eliminate full time employee costs and sick pay. Holiday cover without agency fees.


Bespoke Joinery and furniture makers.
Shopfitting and point of sale services.
Marine and Luxury Yachting interiors.
Exhibition, Packaging and export services.
Metal work including Stainless steel for food preparation.
Natural construction materials including Granite and Stone, Glass and solid surfaces including Avonite, Corian, Laminates, Plastics and mouldings for GRP (Glass re-enforced polyester)


Specialist products requiring careful consideration can be modeled, detailed and forwarded for manufacture in UK or using overseas suppliers.

With the drop in skilled labour and a transient workforce, the need for easily understandable documentation is growing. “Picture speaks a thousand words” is now rapidly becoming a more common way of showing operatives exactly what is required. Digital photography combined with 3D CAD now make technical documentation easier, showing illustrations and step by step guide to product manufacture. This type of detailing and technical documentation is now becoming a large part of our workload.


We have worked on a range projects requiring
theuse of high quality metals, with high resistance
to corrosion, ranging from catering, medical and


With increasing material costs, reduced wastage is critical; therefore nesting of components is essential to efficient productivity.

Drawing detail can be saved out to DXF (drawing eXchange format) allowing easy file communication for CNC machining.

Custom templating service for flooring areas, bar counter and food servery working surfaces such as granite, avonite and glass.

Upholstery foam profiles for commercial seating and specialist packaging.


Formerly trained and qualified in Architectural Joinery through the UK City & Guilds apprenticeship scheme.

Having over 25 years experience within the construction Industry, we have covered many specialist areas of custom joinery from listed buildings, MOD facilities, UK airports and hotels.

The marine industry and luxury yacht interiors can be very challenging, with quality and standards requiring the highest attention to detail.


With more products being transported in greater volumes, the requirement for specialist packaging and storage through the logistics process have provided us with some interesting projects.

Point of Sale (POS) and marketing services using folded card, vacuum formed acrylics and light boxes are amongst some of the items we illustrate.


Materials can be listed in single level or multi level formats, using clients existing templates or new documents can be created, with company logo’s inserted for clear branding identification. Components displayed on drawings can be displayed in exploded views and numbered to cross reference with parts detailed on cutting and material handling lists.